The Upside-down Triangle

The Upside-down Triangle

The Upside-down Triangle is the first feature film by Iranian independent filmmaker Hossein Rajabian. The black-and-white film has been shot and directed by Rajabian – who has been involved in photography for years – using digital cinema technology. The shooting of the film kicked off in mid-February 2013 and came to an end in early May 2013. Snowfall in Central Alborz in northern Iran and [problems associated with] local arrangements are to blame for the prolongation of the shooting. This film was banned by Iranian government and has not been screened anywhere, any festival, etc.


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    contentLocation Iran
    director Hossein Rajabian
    genre drama
    musicBy Shahin Pajoom
    producer Hossein Rajabian
    productionCompany Barg Film. +Co
    theme avant-garde and experimental independent northern