Karakum (1994) is a Turkmenistani and German adventure film directed by Arend Agthe and Uzmaan Saparov and produced by Ottokar Runze. The story of the film was written by Arend Agthe and Uzmaan Saparov.


From Hamburg to Turkmenistan: Robert, a 13-year-old German boy, is on his way to visit his father, who works as an engineer in the Karakum desert. After arriving at the airport, he gets taken there by the truck driver Pjotr. They are joined by Pjotr's nephew Murad, who is on his way to a distant oasis. But during the trip through the desert some things go wrong and the truck gets stuck. While Pjotr sets off to find water, the two boys are waiting in the heat. When Pjotr doesn't return, Robert, a sailing aficionado, has the idea to build a sand sailing rig from parts that are on the truck. Soon, they are off to an adventurous sailing tour through the desert, united — despite cultural differences — by their inventive genius and plenty of youthful thirst for adventure.