Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is a 2007 documentary film produced by Peter J McCarthy and directed by McCarthy and Shane Sutton. The film won "Best Foreign Documentary" at the Long Island Film Festival as well as "Best Documentary" at festivals in Hamburg, Toronto and California. The film took over five years to make and was first premiered at the DocNz International film festival in Auckland, New Zealand in October 2007. It is based on a man's journey into the heart of Thai boxing (Muay Thai boxing) in Thailand. The film was funded by the Irish Film Board. The production involved two years of travelling throughout Thailand's ring fighting scene. Fight or Flight was in production at the same time Ong Bak was released. Fight or Flight is being broadcast in 2010 on Halogen TV (USA), Viasat (Scandinavia & Eastern Europe) and Filmmaster (Italy).


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    director Shane Sutton
    producer Peter J McCarthy
    theme documentary