The Army Game

The Army Game

The Army Game is a 1961 French black-and-white comedy about induction and basic training of army conscripts, co-directed by François Truffaut and Claude de Givray.


The upper-class Jean, amiable but not very bright, is called up to do his military service. Adrift in this strange world, he finds a helpful fellow-recruit in his family's worldly-wise chauffeur Joseph. But nothing can save him from his mental and physical ineptitude, which infuriates his instructors, amuses his fellow-soldiers and humiliates him. The bright light in his existence is Catherine, the colonel's charming daughter, after whom he yearns. Things look up for him when the barracks puts on the play Tire-au-flanc, in which Joseph has the part of the incompetent young aristocrat while he plays the wily servant. His success in the role impresses everybody and Catherine is happy to go out with the new hero.

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    director Claude de Givray
    genre comedy
    keywords military service nothing
    musicBy Jean-Michel Defaye