Sangsar (; lit:Stone To Death), is a Pakistani drama serial which was first aired on 3 April 2017 on Hum TV preceding Gila. The drama is directed by Kamran Akbar Khan and written by Nuzhat Saman. It is produced by Momina Duraid under MD Productions.


Ahmer is a business man and Roshni is a young graduate who belongs to middle-class family. Both love each other. Ahmer's mother Nadra is landlord of her house who takes advises from Muslim scholar for family matters. Ahmer's father Fayyaz is a patient who always keeps himself busy in studies and is often depressed because of his past. Ahmer also have a brother Ashar and sister Mehwish who is social and short-tempered.


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    genre drama
    keywords business man credit card divorce giving birth married nothing
    publisher Hum TV