Double Happiness II 囍临门 II

Double Happiness is a Chinese drama serial on MediaCorp Channel 8 in Singapore which was screened in 2004 and ended in Jan 2005. The It consists two parts, with 71 episodes in each part of the show. It is about a family who sells fish and chips in a renowned restaurant in East Coast Road called Happy Fish. It stars Ivy Lee , Xie Shaoguang , Edmund Chen , Vivian Lai & Zhang Wei as the casts for the second installement. The restaurant has its ups and downs, but eventually it will come out strong, but not without tragedies and lessons learnt.It is the sequel to Double Happiness


The main female character in the show is Yaxi, who has to struggle with the Luo family for the control of Happy Fish, a Fish and Chips Restaurant. Yaxi, who is married to the Luos' second son Jiaqi, is a career woman who had hardly frequents a kitchen and is asked to look after Happy Fish by her dying mother-in-law. The oldest in the Luo family is the fiery-headed and impetuous Jialong, who believes that Yaxi is corrupt and is involved in money-laundering, thus causing lots of misunderstandings, quarrels, mishaps, and adventures. Those included the beginning of an affair between Jiaxi and William, and it resulted in the deaths of Jiafu and Yaxi. Yaxi's death was due to a miscarriage, while Jiafu was killed from being assaulted by a madman who was sent by enemies of Happy Fish. Before Yaxi died, she admitted to Zibin her feelings for her husband who went overseas, and persuades Zibin not to seek revenge. During Jiafu's funeral, gunmen burst in and interrupted the ceremony, making a mess at the scene. Yaozu, the analytical one, deduced that it must have been sent by enemies of Happy Fish, one of them being the femme fatale Jiemin and her money-loving mother.