Blood on the Land

Blood on the Land is a 1966 Greek western drama film directed by Vasilis Georgiadis, with a screenplay by Nikos Foskolos. Starring Nikos Kourkoulos, Manos Katrakis, and Mary Chronopoulou, the film depicts the struggle of unfree peasants in Thessaly for land ownership against large landowners in 1907.


The story begins with Odysseas encountering police officers on a train as he returns home, only to be expelled due to his prior incarceration. During his journey back, he encounters a group of homeless individuals, known as Koligoi, seeking passage across a river that demarcates the boundary of his father's property. Hindered by obstacles created by his brother's men and a destroyed bridge, the homeless are prevented from crossing until Odysseas intervenes, facilitating their passage. At a church service atop the Meteora rocks, reminiscent of the biblical tale of the prodigal son, Odysseas reunites with his father amidst celebrations on the estate.