Crayon Shin-chan: Jungle That Invites Storm

Crayon Shin-chan: Jungle That Invites Storm

is a 2000 Japanese anime film produced by Shin-Ei Animation. It is the 8th film of the anime series Crayon Shin-chan. Keiichi Hara directed this film and also wrote the screenplay.


Shinnosuke and his parents including Shiro along with his friends and families go on a cruise to for several days to meet the actor of the character Action Kamen and watch the latest film of Action Kamen. But a group of monkeys raid the ship and all of the adults who are present at the ship above 18 years are taken to an island at night. Shinnosuke and his friends including Himawari and Shiro start their journey to rescue all of them. They meet Paradise King, who is controlling the monkeys. They succeed to rescue them and return to ship, but Paradise King attacks them back. Shinnosuke and Action Kamen fight back and defeat him. Later all of them enjoy the Action Kamen film.

    More details

    director Keiichi Hara
    events nursery school teacher
    genre action animation comedy
    productionCompany Futabasha Shin-Ei Animation TV Asahi
    publisher Toho
    theme action comedy anime