Mansion of the Living Dead

Mansion of the Living Dead is a 1982 erotic horror film written and directed by Jesús Franco, said to be based on his own novel (which never existed). It stars Franco's most often used actress, Lina Romay, who is credited here as Candy Coster. Franco also edited the film, and dubbed the voice of actor Albino Graziani. The make-up on the zombie monks was extremely low budget, consisting mostly of dried shaving cream lather rubbed on the actor's faces.


Several waitresses visit an almost abandoned resort hotel out of season, only to find that the long-dead monks of the local former monastery have returned as zombies. One by one, a strange force lures the women out of the hotel down into the crypt beneath the monastery, where they are sexually molested and brutally murdered by the zombie monks, all choreographed to eerie music, a tolling bell and the melancholy sound of the wind blowing around the monastery.