Man from the Restaurant

Man from the Restaurant

Man from the Restaurant is a 1927 Soviet drama film directed by Yakov Protazanov based on the story by Ivan Shmelyov. The main role was written for Ivan Moskvin, but he was changed for Chekhov because of illness.


After the death of his son at the front, and his wife's demise, widower waiter Skorohodov rents his room to Sokolin, a young man who works as a messenger in one of the offices. The lodger and Skorohodov's daughter fall in love with each other, but an unexpected contender has appeared to the modest young man in the guise of Karasyov, a constant patron of the restaurant, a factory owner who decides to seduce the woman who he has taken a liking to.

    More details

    director Yakov Protazanov
    genre drama
    keywords factory owner young man
    productionCompany Gorky Film Studio