My Little Girl

My Little Girl

My Little Girl is a 1986 American drama film the directorial debut of Connie Kaiserman that was released in the U.S. in 1987. It is also Geraldine Page's final role and Jennifer Lopez's film debut.


Franny Bettinger (Mary Stuart Masterson) has had a privileged and wealthy upbringing. One summer she takes a job at a halfway house where she finds herself personally affected by the people she meets. Despite facing hostility due to her background, Bettinger becomes determined to teach the youngsters that they are important and can succeed in life. Unfortunately, she faces opposition from her parents and from her supervisor.

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    director Connie Kaiserman
    editor Katherine Wenning
    genre drama
    keywords bet halfway house upbringing
    musicBy Richard Robbins
    publisher Hemdale Film Corporation