Yai! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke!

Yai! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke!

Yai! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukke! (spelt Yai! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukey! onscreen) is a 2002 Indian Tamil romantic musical film written and directed by Vasanth. Starring Shaam, Sneha, Rajiv Krishna and Jaya Re in the lead roles, the film narrates the story of four youngsters who go through unrequited love and respond differently to their failures. Produced by G. V. Films, the film had a theatrical release on 13 July 2002 across India.


Hari (Shaam) and Raji (Sneha) are cousins. Hari gets a job in Chennai. He then comes to Chennai and instead of staying at Raji's home he rents an apartment with his colleague Subbu (Vivek). Raji doesn't like this and refuses to come to Hari's house until he visits her place. But they meet and catch up with each other now and then. Meanwhile, Hari meets another girl, Swapna (Jaya Re), who plays pranks on people just for fun. During one such prank Hari and Swapna end up becoming friends. They both work in rival Ad agency. While doing a project Hari selects his cousin Raji's photo (of her eyes) over Swapna's which makes her upset. But to reconcile their friendship Hari sends Swapna's pics to Miss Chennai competition which she eventually wins. After a few days Hari, Raji and Swapna coincidentally meet in shopping place where Hari ends up fighting with a person who misbehaved with Raji. Raji gets angry and walks away. Hari drops off Swapna to her house where she proposes to Hari, to which Hari refuses. But he thanks her for making him realise that he is actually in love with his cousin, Raji. Hari apologises to Swapna. Raji goes to attend her childhood friend's marriage and when she comes back brings along her friend's brother and also her friend, Bharath (Rajiv Krishna). Bharath had proposed to a girl and when she rejected him, he took to drinking. To make him forget his grief Raji brings him to Chennai. Hari first mistakes that Raji is in love with Bharath. On his birthday, he asks her if she loves Bharath and when she clears off his misunderstanding, he immediately proposes to her. She rejects him.