The Hunters is a 1958 American DeLuxe Color CinemaScope war film adapted from the novel, The Hunters by James Salter. Produced and directed by Dick Powell, it stars Robert Mitchum and Robert Wagner as two very different United States Air Force fighter pilots during the Korean War.


During the Korean War, Major Cleve "Iceman" Saville (Robert Mitchum), a veteran World War II fighter ace, returns to combat, eager to fly an F-86 Sabre fighter. His commanding officer, Colonel "Dutch" Imil (Richard Egan), assigns him command of a flight. Among his pilots is a new replacement, talented but brash Lieutenant Ed Pell (Robert Wagner). On his first mission, Pell abandons his element leader to go after a group of MiG-15s, and the other pilot is killed. As a result, Saville wants Pell assigned to someone else, but Imil overrules him. Pell was top of his class in flight school and Imil sees him as a younger version of Saville. If anyone can get Pell to grow up, it is the major.