Ottachilambu (ml; ഒറ്റച്ചിലമ്പ്‌) is an Indian horror television series in Malayalam Language launched on Mazhavil Manorama channel on 24 October 2016 .It aired from Monday to Friday at 08:30 .P.M.


Ambika (Manju Satheesh) is a charming, lovely girl from Eloor kovilakam, her parents passed away years back and she lives with her aunt and uncle who are thampuran and thampuratti (Urmila) of Kovilakam. She has a liking towards her Malayalam teacher Andrews (Anand) and they plan to leave the town and marry. After years they have a daughter (Manjadi), they live in Adivaram In a rental house. They plan to buy a new house after which Ambika plans to go and meet her aunty, she is pregnant but unfortunately both dies in a bike accident. Devooty is all alone, is admitted in a hospital due to pneumonia, their neighbors who took her to hospital refuse to pay money for her operation. Kiran who is devooty's friend stole money from temple for this purpose and is caught by police .Deva goes back home and see that the owner has locked the house, she takes her bag and leave the city to Kodungaloor to meet Thampuratti. Fortunately she meets Swami in a bus to ernakulam and tell her story. He takes her with him promising to take her to the kovilakam, she became favorite of everyone in the temple where the swami took her.


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    genre horror
    keywords lock new house
    publisher Mazhavil Manorama