Barbie: Princess Charm School

Barbie: Princess Charm School is a 2011 computer-animated fantasy film directed by Zeke Norton and produced by Mattel Entertainment (under the name of Barbie Entertainment) with Rainmaker Entertainment. It was released on DVD on September 13, 2011, and made its television premiere on Nickelodeon two months later.


In the kingdom of Gardania, teenage Blair Willows works as a waitress at a small café to support her sickly adoptive mother and younger sister Emily. Returning home, Blair is shocked to find out via a televised broadcast that she has won a lottery for a scholarship to become a Lady Royal—a princess's advisor—at the prestigious Princess Charm School, a magical academy where princesses from different kingdoms are educated. Emily reveals that she signed up Blair for the lottery multiple times to ensure her selection. Despite Blair's reluctance, her mother assures her that attending the school is a good opportunity.