Kaththi Sandai

Kaththi Sandai

Kaththi Sandai is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language action comedy film written and directed by Suraj. The film is produced by S. Nanthagopal. The film features Vishal and Tamannaah in the lead roles. Jagapathi Babu, Vadivelu, Soori and Tarun Arora play pivotal roles. The project was launched in May 2016. The film released on 23 December 2016.


Arjun Ramakrishnan (Vishal) comes to Chennai to woo a psychology student named Divya (Tamannaah), on whom he has a crush. With the help of a local incompetent don named Deva (Soori), he succeeds in winning her heart. Divya's elder brother is Tamizhselvan (Jagapathi Babu), the honest and sincere DCP of Chennai. He approves of the relationship between Arjun and his sister, and soon, their wedding is fixed. One day, Tamizhselvan is kidnapped by some goons in retaliation for his thwarting of a black money scam six months ago. Arjun rescues Tamizhselvan and takes him home, only to reveal that he is actually a CBI officer who had discovered 250 crore stashed in Tamizhselvan's house as black money. 300 crore had been seized during the black money raid, but it was publicly announced that only 50 crore had been seized. Arjun takes away all the money but does not arrest Tamizhselvan due to his public reputation, instead of telling him to personally surrender later that day.