Bodily Harm

Bodily Harm is a 1995 thriller film directed by James Lemmo and starring Linda Fiorentino and Daniel Baldwin. It was edited by Carl Kress, and has music by Robert Sprayberry and cinematography by Doyle Smith. It set in Las Vegas, Nevada. The film was rated R and was distributed by Warner Vision Entertainment and internationally by Rysher Entertainment.


When a striptease dancer is brutally murdered in Las Vegas, detective Rita Cates and her partner, J.D. Prejon, are assigned to the case. There is not much evidence available, but what they have points to Sam McKeon, an ex-cop. This puts Rita in a difficult position, because she and Sam previously had a scalding affair, which ultimately led to her husband's suicide. They have not spoken since then, but Rita could never get Sam out of her mind. During the investigation, they resume their affair, although Rita is constantly torn between trust and distrust, and attempting to keep an open mind. Eventually she has to choose, knowing that the wrong choice may get her killed.

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    director James Lemmo
    editor Carl Kress
    genre thriller
    keywords kill las vegas murder
    musicBy Robert Sprayberry
    producer Bruce Cohn Curtis Keith Samples
    productionCompany Warner Bros.
    publisher Warner Home Video