Seerivarum Kaalai

Seerivarum Kaalai is an Indian Tamil masala film released in 2001 written and directed by Ramarajan. The film stars himself alongside Abitha of Sethu fame. The film also stars Manorama, Mansoor Ali Khan and Anandaraj.


Kaalayan (Ramarajan) is a do-gooder with a helping hand living in a Puliangudi town. Kaalayan falls in love with his sister's friend Kamakshi (Abitha) who is tortured and harassed by her sister-in-law Nandini (Vichitra), while Kamakshi's mother (Manorama) and brother (Mansur Ali Khan) are helpless spectators. After the initial hesitation the timid Kamakshi also reciprocates Kaalayan's love. Nandini does not want Kamakshi to marry Kaalayan. The duo elopes and gets married. After a violent bashing up of Kaalayan and Kamakshi by Nandini's men, the doctors warn Kaalayan that Kamakshi's health would be endangered if she were to bear a child. But Kamakshi drugs Kaalayan and seduces him. She conceives, but there is nothing to worry. The doctors are proved wrong and she delivers twins. It is time for Kaalayan and the gang to hold up their two fingers in "victory" style.


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    director Ramarajan
    editor L. Kesavan
    genre action drama
    keywords help married nothing
    musicBy Sirpy
    producer Selva Saroja Subbaiah
    productionCompany Kanna Cine Arts
    theme action drama masala