H.O.T.S. is a 1979 sex comedy. The film stars three Playboy Playmates Susan Kiger (January 1977), Pamela Bryant (April, 1978), and Sandy Johnson (June, 1974), as well as former Miss USA of 1972, Lindsay Bloom, sexploitation actress Angela Aames, and later genre movie veteran Lisa London in her film debut. Danny Bonaduce appears in a supporting role.


Honey Shayne (Kiger) is a freshman at Fairenville University (known, according to a title card, as "Good old F.U."). After unsuccessfully pledging the Pi sorority, and being publicly ridiculed by sorority president Melody Ragmore (Bloom), Honey joins with three other unsuccessful pledges (O'Hara, Terri, and Samantha) to form a new sorority (to be known as H.O.T.S. after their initials) with the goal of stealing all of the rival sorority's boyfriends.