The Good Cop

The Good Cop (, ) is an Israeli police television sitcom that premiered on yes. The series was created by Erez Aviram and Tomer Aviram and produced by Yoav Gross, and is the first Israeli police sitcom. The 15-part series premiered its first episode on the Yes Comedy channel in Israel on August 15, 2015. The second season of the series was broadcast on April 4, 2017 and ended on July 12, 2017. It was announced that the third season was approved.


After years of living together, police officer Danny Confino comes home to discover his girlfriend is cheating on him. Shocked by the discovery, Danny decides to leave her and her young son, whom he loves and raises as his own. As a police salary won't allow him to rent his own apartment, Danny returns to his parents' house – temporarily. What starts out as a provisional arrangement soon becomes permanent as Danny discovers that life back at home surpasses any crime scene. Despite his unconventional and sometimes violent behavior, Danny is perceived as a "a man's man", a popular cop at the precinct he unofficially runs, but at home, with his exasperating parents and criminal brothers, he faces many more serious challenges. His hands tied, his authority limited, he slowly comes to find that his greedy and petty family are the real "criminals" and the main obstacles in his life.

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    director Eitan Tzur Tomer Aviram
    genre comedy
    keywords cheat crime scene police officer
    publisher Yes Comedy
    recordedAt Herzliya Studios