Ladybird, Ladybird

Ladybird, Ladybird

Ladybird, Ladybird is a 1994 British drama film directed by Ken Loach, starring Crissy Rock and Vladimir Vega. The film received positive reviews from critics, and Rock won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award at the 44th Berlin International Film Festival.


In a London karaoke bar some time around 1987, Maggie Conlan, a woman with a troubled past, meets Paraguayan immigrant Jorge and has a drink with him. A flashback reveals that Maggie witnessed her father beating her mother, and she confesses to Jorge (whom she calls George) that her four children, all with different fathers, are in the care of social services. Maggie leaves but forgets her wallet, which Jorge returns to her after chasing down her bus. The pair go to a pizza restaurant, then return to Jorge's apartment, where Maggie tells Jorge about her experiences with her abusive, alcoholic ex-boyfriend Simon. In a flashback, Maggie and her children move into a women's refuge. Back in the present, the two begin to kiss but Maggie grows hysterical and attempts to storm out of Jorge's apartment, revealing her unresolved feelings of loss for her children. In a flashback, Maggie is singing in a club when she is called home by the bartender and discovers that there has been a fire at the refuge and her son Sean has been injured in the fire. Maggie goes to the hospital where she is interviewed by the police, who are concerned that Maggie left the children alone. She claims to have left the key with her friend Jill because of the rowdy children at the refuge, but Jill does not recall this. After the fire, Sean is placed in foster care. Maggie visits him and is micromanaging and rude to his foster mother, Mary, whom she accuses of trying to keep her son for herself. Maggie goes up and sees Sean, but causes him pain when she improperly tries to change his bandages.