Vigathakumaran is a 1930 Indian silent film written, produced and directed by J. C. Daniel. He also played the role of hero in the movie. A social drama, Vigathakumaran was the first Malayalam feature film and J. C. Daniel is considered as the father of Malayalam cinema industry for this work. This movie is also the first Indian social drama feature film. This film is lost, as no copy of the film has survived.


Chandrakumar, son of a rich man in Travancore, is kidnapped by the villain Bhoothanathan taken to Ceylon. His parents' efforts to find him fail and Chandrakumar is brought up as a labourer on an estate. The estate owner, who is British, takes a liking to him and in time, Chandrakumar rises to the post of superintendent. At this time Jayachandran, a distant relative of Chandrakumar happens to come to Ceylon. Incidentally, he is robbed of all his belongings by Bhoothanathan. Stranded, he gets acquainted with Chandrakumar and they become close friends. They come to Travancore where Chandrakumar's sister falls in love with Jayachandran. Meanwhile, Bhoothanathan attempts to kidnap her and the duo's timely intervention saves her. A scar on the back reveals Chandrakumar's identity which eventually leads to the happy reunion of the family.

    More details

    director J. C. Daniel
    editor J. C. Daniel Nadar
    genre drama social
    keywords belong ceylon kidnap rich man strand travancore
    producer J. C. Daniel
    productionCompany Travancore National Pictures
    theme silent