The Manitou is a 1978 American supernatural body horror film produced and directed by William Girdler. It stars Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara and Susan Strasberg. It is based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Graham Masterton, which was inspired by the concept of manitou in Native American theology, believed to be a spiritual and fundamental life force by members of the Algonquian peoples.


A woman named Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg), who is suffering from a growing tumor on her neck, enters a hospital in San Francisco. After a series of X-rays, two doctors, led by Dr. Jack Hughes (Jon Cedar), find evidence that it is a growing fetus although they don't fully believe it. They advise Karen to undergo surgery to remove the tumor; she agrees despite some anxiety. She seeks the comfort of an old friend and ex-employer named Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis). Erskine is a fortune teller who preys on the gullible to make a living.