Play or Die is a 2019 Belgian horror film directed by Jacques Kluger. The film is based on the bestseller novel titled Puzzle by Franck Thilliez. The plot revolves around Lucas (Charley Palmer Rothwell), a young man who lived through his childhood marked by the abuse of his mother and who after adult decides to create a game called Paranoia, which uses as a means to make several atrocities.


Lucas (Charley Palmer Rothwell) and Chloé (Roxane Mesquida) are a former dysfunctional couple who, after having spent a year apart, meet again because Chloé decides to invite him to play a game called Paranoia, in which they offer a million euros to the two players who finish the game. By gathering the clues to be accepted in the game they arrive at a party, where they find a way to reach an abandoned hospital where the game will take place. Upon arrival a mysterious voice tells all the players the rules of the game and how to play, but what the mysterious voice does not tell the players is that the main rules of the game are: Number 1: Nothing is real, and Number 2 : One of you will die. When starting the game Lucas begins to notice that something was not normal and that in the game they were only trying to kill all the players, but Chloé refuses to believe that anyone wants to kill them all. Minutes after having passed the first test of the game, in the second test of the game they run into the corpse of one of the players, so both begin to worry and get scared. Frightened by what happened, Chloé and Lucas just try to finish the game to save their lives, and later in a room they find another corpse of another player and some papers where there was information about Naomi (Marie Zabukovec), who was actually admitted to the hospital abandoned years ago, and she was a totally dangerous patient. So Chloé deduces that she is the murderer.