Private Pluto

Private Pluto is a 1943 propaganda comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Productions. In this cartoon, Pluto is in the army and he gets antagonized by two chipmunks, later known as Chip 'n' Dale, in their first official appearance. While the chipmunks became regular antagonists of Donald Duck, they did continue to pester Pluto in Squatter's Rights (1946) and one last time in Pluto's Christmas Tree (1952).


This short showcases Pluto as a soldier during the World War II when he is a guard dog on a U.S military base. He is told there are saboteurs, and is assigned to guard a pill-box (gun emplacement). First, Pluto tries to follow marching orders, contorting himself into quite a mess. Then, he engages in hijinks with two chipmunks who are using a cannon to store and crack their nuts, and a war of wits naturally ensues.