Um Menino Muito Maluquinho

Um Menino Muito Maluquinho was a Brazilian children's show, produced and aired by TVE Brasil and was originally broadcast from 19 March to 10 July 2006. The series was based on book of the same name by Brazilian cartoonist Ziraldo, with 26 episodes and one season. It was directed by César Rodrigues. Cao Hamburger and Anna Muylaert wrote the screenplay. Muyalert is also author of some of the character's books.


The story follows two timelines: Maluquinho's life at 5 and 10 years, while being narrated by his 30-year old version. They teach important lessons about art, consumerism, value of money, time, friendship, school and other aspects of life.


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    director César Rodrigues
    keywords consumerism money speak
    publisher TVE Brasil
    theme cartoon