Lone Wolf and Cub: Final Conflict

is a 1993 Japanese film directed by Akira Inoue. It is based on Kazuo Koike's manga series Lone Wolf and Cub. Masakazu Tamura played Ogami by Koike Kazuo's strong request. Kazuo produced the film on the theme of parent-child love, not action as with past Lone Wolf and Cub films and television drama series.


Set in Japan during an unspecific year of the Edo period, Ogami Ittō, a samurai serving the Tokugawa shogun as "Kogi Kaishaku-nin" (official executioner) is the target of a Yagyu clan conspiracy to grab his job and replace him with a member of their own family. When his wife is murdered and evidence appears to show that he is plotting against the Shogun, the Bushido code requires him to commit seppuku. Instead, he defies the Tokugawa Shogun's orders and takes up arms with his young son against his enemies, becoming an assassin to hire.


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    director Akira Inoue
    genre action drama live-action
    keywords edo period murder shogun yagyu clan
    musicBy Masahiro Kawasaki
    producer Kazuo Koike
    productionCompany Shochiku
    publisher Shochiku
    theme japanese jidaigeki