Yaaruku Yaaro

Yaaruku Yaaro is an Indian Tamil film released in December 2007. The movie was produced by Erode Jayakumari under the banner of Universal Thavamani Cine Arts. The story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, music and direction were by Joe Stanley. The movie stars newcomer Sam Anderson, alongside newcomers Jothi and Varnika.


The story opens as Deepa (Varnika), a medical college student, sings a song during the cultural festival. She is being surrounded by lush green fields and mountains but the college, or even the stage for that matter, is nowhere in sight. The next scene shifts to three robbers, ogling at Deepa. She is on her way to sit for her college examinations. But while wheeling her punctured scooter (Scooty), the robbers snatch her chain and escape on a bike. In comes hero David (Sam Anderson) on a scooter (Kinetic Honda) who does a chase after them. He returns empty-handed and recognizes Deepa from the college function earlier. He praises her amazing vocal skills and gives his gold crucifix chain as a gift. Deepa refuses, but David then gives a sermon about Hindu-Christian difference. Yet, she still does not accept it. David also gives his 'stepnee' (spare) tyre to Deepa (God knows how a Kinetic Honda spare wheel could fit into a Scooty Pep's wheel drum). This incident is one of the most important scenes in the movie.