El Mariachi

El Mariachi is a Spanish-language crime drama television series created by Darío Vanegas and Lina Uribe based on the 1993 American film of the same name directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is a production between Teleset Colombia and Sony Pictures Television recorded in Mexico. The series is stars Iván Arana and Martha Higareda as main characters.


The series revolves around of Martín (Iván Arana), a young man who is imprisoned by mistake. There, Martin will initiate an honest friendship with two inmates to face the dangers of prison, save his life and regain his freedom. In the midst of this chaos, Martín knows the love of his life, Celeste (Martha Higareda), who will believe him guilty of having committed a murder. Martín will fight to unmask those who made him go to prison and to recover his honor and the woman he loves.