Kichamani MBA

Kichamani MBA is a Malayalam language film which was released in 2007. Starring Suresh Gopi, Jayasurya and Navya Nair in lead roles, directed by Samad Mangada, produced by Hill Top Productions. It also has Biju Menon, Priyanka and Salim Kumar in supporting roles.


Kichamani a smooth talking wheeler-dealer who runs a big establishment specialized in bribing officials and making things done from government machinery. The MBA attached to his name is not the short form for the degree, but it stands for Member of Bachelor Association, as the hero is more a devotee of lord Ayappa. He has his parallel mechanisms in every government offices and with the passes issued by Kichamani, any one can get any deed done, ranging from getting job transfers, smuggling goods including liquor to booking a seat in private medical colleges.

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    director Samad Mankada
    keywords job transfer machine medical college smuggle talk
    musicBy Alex Paul
    producer Hill Top Salim
    publisher Adarsh Release