Laser Mission

Laser Mission is a 1989 American action film directed by BJ Davis, starring Brandon Lee, Ernest Borgnine and Werner Pochath. The film was released under the title Soldier of Fortune. This was Werner Pochath's final film appearance before his death on April 18, 1993.


The plot concerns a mercenary named Michael Gold (Lee) who is sent to convince Dr. Braun (Borgnine), a Laser specialist, to defect to the United States before the KGB acquire him and use both his talent and a stolen diamond to create a nuclear weapon. Dr. Braun is captured by the KGB and Gold is sent on a mission to rescue both him and the diamond. He has to enlist the help of Dr. Braun's daughter Alissa (Debi A. Monahan), whom he eventually falls for. The pair confront Col. Kalishnakov (Graham Clarke), whom they kill by hitting him with a truck in the climax of this story.