Narsimha  नरसिंह

Narsimha नरसिंह

Narsimha is a 1991 Bollywood Hindi Action Drama film starring Sunny Deol, Dimple Kapadia, Urmila Matondkar, Om Puri and Ravi Behl. The film was directed by N. Chandra and was a commercial success. The movie was the debut movie for actor Ravi Behl and actress Urmila Matondkar, though she appeared in movies like Bade Ghar Ki Beti in small roles. Incidentally, both of them had appeared in many movies as child artists.


Narsimha (Sunny Deol), a young and capable man, lives a middle-class life with his family in a quiet neighborhood. He gets his beautiful sister married to an eligible young man in their vicinity. On the occasion of his sister giving birth, he returns home to find a communal conflict arise in his neighbourhood, which spreads to the whole city. He seeks refuge in a dwelling area nearby only to return and find out his whole family has been murdered. With no aim left in life, Narsimha decides to turn to crime and alcohol. He later decides to work for a man called Suraj Narayan Singh, aka Bapji (Om Puri) a big cruel landlord and capitalist, who controls the crime, law and order of the city and rules over it using muscle power and his immense wealth. Bapji was delighted to get hold of a man like Narsimha, who has wits and also muscle power, but has lost the desire to live and hence Narsimha executes his most difficult works which others can't accomplish. Bapji believes that he has become invincible and nobody can dare protest him since he has the city under his complete subjugation. He considers Narsimha as a weapon which can unlock his most difficult problems and Narsimha accomplishes them without asking any questions. Narsimha remains drunk all day and only comes when summoned by Bapji to execute Bapji's assignments and receive his payments.