Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a 1992 neo-noir erotic thriller film directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Joe Eszterhas. Starring Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Wayne Knight, the film follows San Francisco police detective Nick Curran (Douglas) as he investigates the brutal murder of a wealthy rock star. During the course of the investigation, Curran becomes entangled in a passionate and intense relationship with Catherine Tramell (Stone), an enigmatic writer and the prime suspect.


Homicide detective Nick Curran and his partner and best friend Gus Moran investigate the murder of retired rock star Johnny Boz in San Francisco. Boz was stabbed to death with an ice pick while having sex with a mysterious blonde woman. Nick's prime suspect is Boz's girlfriend, crime novelist Catherine Tramell, whose novel mirrors the crime. Catherine is uncooperative and taunts the investigators by smoking and exposing herself. Although she is released, Nick discovers that she has a history of befriending murderers. This includes Roxy Hardy, Catherine's girlfriend, who impulsively killed her two younger brothers at the age of 16, and Hazel Dobkins, who killed her husband and children.