It's Hard to Be Good

It's Hard to Be Good

It's Hard to Be Good is a 1948 British comedy film directed by Jeffrey Dell and starring Jimmy Hanley, Anne Crawford and Raymond Huntley. In the film, an ex-army officer finds his altruistic attempts to improve the world are unsuccessful.


On leaving the army, officer and war hero Captain James Gladstone Wedge (Jimmy Hanley) is full of idealism about bettering the world. He falls in love with Mary Leighton (Anne Crawford), who nursed him whilst he was recovering from his wartime injuries. The couple agree to marry once they can find themselves a home.


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    contentLocation London
    director Jeffrey Dell
    editor Helga Cranston
    genre comedy
    keywords army officer community spirit war hero
    musicBy Antony Hopkins
    producer John W. Gossage
    productionCompany Two Cities Films
    publisher General Film Distributors