LazyTown Extra

LazyTown Extra

LazyTown Extra (also known in other countries as LazyTown: Action Time!) is an Icelandic-British television program produced by LazyTown Entertainment, based on the original series LazyTown. It first aired on 15 September 2008, showing on BBC's CBeebies, along with the original series. In the series, Ziggy travels to various parts of the United Kingdom. The show differed from the original LazyTown series in that it mainly revolved around Ziggy and was approximately ten minutes shorter in length. The series aired its last episode on 28 October 2008. Repeats are no longer shown on CBeebies in the United Kingdom, as the last time it aired was 12 October 2011.


Ziggy goes to parts of the United Kingdom to see children performing particular sports while featuring LazyTown characters in an assortment of short sketches.