Riders of the Sage

Riders of the Sage is a 1939 American Western film produced and directed by Harry S. Webb starring Bob Steele. The film is a remake of Ridin' Law (1930) and Rusty Rides Alone (1933).


Bob Burke comes to Apache Basin to visit his old friend Tom Martin. He finds himself in the middle of a range war between sheepherders led by the Halsey family and the cattlemen including the Martin family. The Halseys are holding Tom Martin prisoner in order to gain the Martin ranch. Further complications ensue when Mona Halsey is in love with the Robin Hood type Poe Powers who leads a gang of merry men known as the Riders of the Sage. Halsey finds himself smack in the middle of a three way fight.


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    director Harry S. Webb
    editor Frederick Bain
    genre western
    keywords old friend range war robin hood
    producer Harry S. Webb
    productionCompany Frank Sanucci
    publisher Metropolitan Pictures Corporation