The Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor is a 1978 American thriller film about a sane woman who gets sent to an asylum. It stars Dianne Hull, Bo Hopkins and Mel Ferrer.


The film focuses on Kelly McIntyre, a disco dancer played by Dianne Hull who through no fault of her own accidentally overdoses on drugs and collapses at a disco. She is misdiagnosed as suicidal and sent to a psychiatric ward which is on the fifth floor of Cedar Springs Hospital.<ref>Evening Independent May 27, 1980 [ The Fifth Floor: Pure Exploitation by Jim Moorhead Entertainment Writer]</ref> There she finds herself alone with no help, not even from her boyfriend who refuses to get her out of there.<ref>Tina Aumont's Eyes October 06, 2014 [ Girl Interrupted – Rediscovering ‘The Fifth Floor’]</ref> She becomes the subject of interest by an unbalanced orderly played by Bo Hopkins.<ref>Blockbuster Video guide to movies and videos, 1996 [ Page 350]</ref>