Meherbaan (English: Kind) (Urdu: مہربان) is a 2017 Pakistani drama serial which is aired on A Plus Entertainment.


It is a story of two sisters Dua (Nimra Khan) and Mehru (Ammara Butt) with contrasting personalities. While Dua is the humble and down-to-earth daughter, Mehru is arrogant and snobbish. She does not care about her house's humble condition. All she cares about is her beauty and her friends. She works at an office and does not care about her household responsibilities. The first issue their mother is having is regarding her daughters’ marriage proposals. Whenever someone comes to see Dua for marriage, they like the young and chirpy Mehru instead. The life is not as easy as it may seem for both girls in a relatively conservative household.


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    genre drama
    keywords ammara butt marriage proposal nimra khan
    publisher A-Plus TV