Bloodwork, also known as Bloodworx (US), and The Last Experiment (UK) – is a 2012 Canadian-American thriller film directed by Eric Wostenberg and written by David Nahmod. The film stars Travis Van Winkle, Tricia Helfer, and Mircea Monroe. The production was filmed in Canada under the working title Phase One, in November and December 2009.


Two college students — irresponsible slacker Greg (Travis Van Winkle) and his straightlaced best friend Rob (John Bregar) — decide to take a trip to Europe for their spring break. Lacking in money, they research odd jobs and find an opportunity with Ravexin Pharmaceuticals to participate in a two-week trial for the company's new allergy drug. When they travel to the unexpectedly run-down, remote facility where the test is to take place, they are troubled by the stringent rules in place but enroll in the trial anyway, as it will earn them each over three thousand dollars.