It's Forever Springtime

It's Forever Springtime (Italian: È primavera...) is a 1950 Italian drama film directed by Renato Castellani.


Beppe Agosti, Florentine, baker's boy and orphan, is very popular with girls, especially the servants, for his easy way of doing things and for his cheerfulness. Called up to arms, he is sent to Catania and becomes friends with Cavalluccio, a Sicilian fellow soldier and acts as a companion for his engagement with Maria Antonia, a waitress in the house of a well-known lawyer. Cavalluccio, for a serious lack of discipline, is put in prison and transferred. Maria Antonia is sad and Beppe knows how to console her so the two fall in love and then get married. Beppe is also transferred to Milan, where he feels alone and ends up marrying himself with the new conqueror Lucia, not revealing that he is already married. But Maria Antonia learns that her husband's class has been dismissed, and she becomes suspicious of her, so she runs to Milan where she, having discovered everything about her, she tries to kill him, but her knife falls from her hand. All this is followed by legal proceedings, with the logical solution that the second marriage is not valid. Beppe and Maria Antonia, happy, return to Catania.

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    contentLocation Catania Florence Milan
    director Renato Castellani
    genre drama
    keywords follow how to married second marriage
    musicBy Nino Rota