Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter

is a Japanese television drama series that was broadcast on TBS series from 2007. The series is based on a novel by Takahisa Igarashi in 2006. The South Korean comedy film Daddy You, Daughter Me directed by Kim Hyeong-hyeop in 2017 was based on this series.


Kyōichirō Kawahara (Hiroshi Tachi) a salaryman working as the deputy director of Public Relations Department, for a leading cosmetic company. He currently leads a group called "Rainbow Dream" a project that targets young consumer. On the other hand, Kawahara Koume the daughter of Kyōichirō is on bad term with him, she is a year two student from Sakura Taipei High School and is really good at texting. One day on a family trip Kyōichirō and Koume are on a train and an accident happens, the two switch souls for seven days. What will the father-daughter do when they switch souls, experiencing as a middle-aged salaryman and a young high school teenager?