Lastikman: Unang Banat

Lastikman: Unang Banat

Mars Ravelo's Lastikman: Unang Banat, or simply Lastikman: Unang Banat, is a 2004 Philippine superhero film based on the comic book character Lastikman, directed by Mac Alejandre and written by RJ Nuevas. It stars Mark Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Cherie Gil, John Estrada, Danilo Barrios, Elizabeth Oropesa, Joel Torre, Mark Gil, Bearwin Meily, and Tuesday Vargas. The film was released through Viva Films on December 25, 2004 as part of the 30th Metro Manila Film Festival.


Adrian (Mark Bautista) is just an ordinary boy who lacks skills and talents. He likes his friend Lara (Sarah Geronimo), but is often bullied by his classmates and kids in the neighborhood. Despite being a weakling, Adrian possesses a pure and brave heart when he tries to fight illegal loggers who cut trees on their barrio. Unfortunately, he is beaten by the loggers and left almost half dead. But Because of his pure personality, the enchanted rubber tree that he saves heals him and grants him powers that transform him into a super hero named Lastikman.