El octavo mandamiento

El octavo mandamiento

El octavo mandamiento is a Mexican telenovela that premiered on Cadenatres on 8 August 2011, and concluded on 12 February 2012. The telenovela is created by Laura Sosa and Epigmenio Ibarra, and produced by Argos Comunicación for Cadenatres. It stars Saúl Lisazo, Sara Maldonado, Leticia Huijara, Erik Hayser, and Ximena Rubio.


The telenovela tells the real situation that thousands of families lived on that fateful September 11 that changed the history of humanity. The plot begins ten years ago with a happy family: a couple with three small children. The woman will be in one of the twin towers of New York at the time of the fatal terrorist act and will become one of the many disappeared, whose body was never recovered. Ten years later, one of his daughters (Sara Maldonado) will live passionate and filial loves, learn love as a couple, relearn to be a daughter and bet on the love of journalism, an occupation that will bring risks and personal dilemmas and with which she will live to fight and denounce terrorism.


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