Bar Girls

Bar Girls is a lesbian-themed romantic comedy film written by Lauran Hoffman, adapted by Hoffman from her stage play of the same name for the screen in 1994. Starring Nancy Allison Wolfe, Liza D'Agostino, 682833bf5ebf4e1393753aa449c41ea7Camila Griggs9f27a63d25e4462b883410944fcd6608 and bdff237bd78643059803d65023de244dMichael Harris0d9f9268b53d4c4898b357471196389b and directed by Marita Giovanni.


The film follows the lives of several gay women in the Los Angeles area who socialize at a local lesbian bar called Girl Bar.

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    director Marita Giovanni
    editor Carter DeHaven
    genre comedy
    keywords los angeles
    musicBy Lanny Meyers
    producer Lauran Hoffman Marita Giovanni
    publisher Orion Classics
    theme lgbt-related romantic comedy