Potato is a 1987 South Korean remake of a 1967 film with the same name, and the second adaptation of Kim Dong-in's short novel.


Bok-nyeo is forced to marry a widower who is older than she is. After the marriage, she goes to work at a salt farm, where she is raped by her boss. Bok-nyeo decides to make money by changing her lifestyle. Later, she falls in love with a Chinese herbalist in Korea, Mr. Wang. Bok-nyeo becomes jealous when Mr. Wang gets married. She tries to kill Wang, but Mr. Wang kills Bok-nyeo and hides her body.

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    contentLocation Joseon
    director Byeon Jang-ho
    editor Park Soon-duk
    genre drama
    keywords force married
    musicBy Lee Cheol-hyeok
    producer Byun Jang-ho
    publisher Dae Jong Films Co., Ltd
    theme rape south korean