Ride the Wild Surf

Ride the Wild Surf

Ride the Wild Surf is a 1964 American romantic drama film. It was filmed in 1963 and distributed in 1964. Unlike the beach party movies of the era, this was a departure from the typical Hollywood approach to surfing as it was a drama, not a comedy. It is known for its exceptional big wave surf footage – a common sight in surf movies of the time, but a rarity in Hollywood films. Likewise, the film has only one pop song – the titular Jan and Dean track, which is heard once, at the end of the film.


The story follows surfers Jody Wallis (Fabian), Steamer Lane (Tab Hunter), and Chase Colton (Peter Brown), who come to Hawaii's Oahu Island to ride the world's biggest waves and compete against surfers from all over the world.

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    contentLocation Hawaii
    director Don Taylor
    editor Eda Warren Howard A. Smith
    genre comedy drama
    keywords barbara eden beach bum fabian forte oahu waimea bay
    musicBy Stu Phillips
    producer Art Napoleon Jo Napoleon
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    recordedAt Hawaii
    theme beach party romantic drama teen