The Witches

The Witches, released in the United States as The Devil's Own, is a 1966 British horror film directed by Cyril Frankel and starring Joan Fontaine, Alec McCowen, Kay Walsh, Ann Bell, Ingrid Boulting (billed as Ingrid Brett) and Gwen Ffrangcon Davies. Made by Hammer Films, it was adapted by Nigel Kneale from the novel The Devil's Own by Norah Lofts, published under the pseudonym Peter Curtis.


Gwen Mayfield, an English schoolteacher recovering from a nervous breakdown in Africa, takes a job from the Reverend Alan Bax. Bax runs a school in the remote village of Heddaby. It soon becomes apparent that Bax is neither a minister nor is the school associated with any church: Bax's sister, Stephanie, describes his wearing of the clerical collar as "a harmless pretense" and the only church nearby is an old ruin. Bax claims he wears clerical garb "for security", but refuses to elaborate.