Inhuman Condition

Inhuman Condition is a Canadian web series created and written by R. J. Lackie, directed by Jared Pelletier, and starring Torri Higginson. The series premiered on the KindaTV YouTube channel on 4 July 2016. The series takes place in a world where the supernatural is an accepted part of life, and follows the story of a therapist who focuses on supernatural patients. The series was selected for funding the Independent Production Fund in 2014.


The series follows Dr. Michelle Kessler, a therapist who specializes in providing support to people with superhuman abilities, such as the anxious and vulnerable Tamar, whose mysterious and supernatural affliction lead her to accidentally murder 306 people as a child, and Clara, whose unique disease will eventually cause her to devolve into a zombie.


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    events LGBT
    genre drama
    keywords superhuman abilities superpower
    theme werewolf fiction zombie