The Careless Years

The Careless Years

The Careless Years is a 1957 film from United Artists directed by Arthur Hiller and produced by Edward Lewis. The film was the directorial debut for Hiller. The film stars Dean Stockwell and Natalie Trundy in an early film appearance.


Two high school seniors from different social groups go on a date. He begins to fall for her when she resists his amorous advances and decides they should get married immediately. Both sets of parents object to the sudden nature of the proposal. He talks her into going to Mexico to get married, but they finally decide it is best to wait until they are older.

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    director Arthur Hiller
    editor Leon Barsha
    genre drama
    keywords married mexico
    musicBy Leith Stevens
    producer Edward Lewis
    productionCompany Bryna Productions
    publisher United Artists
    theme high school romantic drama