Promises! Promises!

Promises! Promises!

Promises! Promises! (presented as Promises... Promises! on screen) is a 1963 American sex comedy film directed by King Donovan and starring Tommy Noonan (who also served as coproducer) and Jayne Mansfield. Released at the end of the Production Code era and before the MPAA film rating system became effective in 1968, it was the first Hollywood film of the sound era to feature nudity by a mainstream star (Mansfield).


Sandy Brooks is desperate to become pregnant, but her husband Jeff, a television script writer, is too stressed to make love to her. They take a pleasure cruise and meet Claire and King Banner. The couples set out on a drunken spree and change partners after returning to their rooms. Both women later discover that they are pregnant and must determine which man is the father of each baby.

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    director King Donovan
    editor Edward Dutko
    genre comedy
    keywords change partners swing
    musicBy Hal Borne
    producer Donald F. Taylor Tommy Noonan
    productionCompany Tommy Noonan
    publisher NTD
    theme sexploitation